Provider EFT/ERA Enrollment

Welcome to our provider enrollment process for EFT/ERA enrollments, supported by ECHO Health. ECHO Health serves as our healthcare payment consolidator and provides support for our EFT/ERA process.

To initiate the enrollment process, please validate your account on the next page by clicking the link below and then completing the electronic form. When finished with the enrollment form please click on the “Submit Secure” button near the bottom of the form. This will transmit the form information safely and securely to ECHO Health to begin your enrollment process.

Click Here

To begin the enrollment process.

How does it work?

  • Please complete the ERA/EFT enrollment form. Upon submission, paperwork outlining the terms and conditions will be emailed to you directly along with additional instructions for setup.
  • ECHO Health supports both NPI and TIN level enrollment. You will be prompted to select the option that you would like to use during the enrollment process.
  • If you need assistance, contact ECHO Health at [email protected] or 888.834.3511.
  • To validate your account, please make sure you have an ECHO Health draft number and payment amount so we can validate your enrollment request. A draft number is listed as the EPC draft # on ECHO Health explanation of payments. If you do not have an ECHO draft number available please dial 888.834.3511.